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Need to hire Private Investigators to investigate someone or something?

Intime Investigations are a Professional Private Investigator Agency, operating around the world in both cities and rural locations. As a private investigator agency, the services we provide discreet, professionally carried out, and heed cost effective results in a timely manner.

Based in the United Kingdom, our team are well placed and efficient in dealing with our fellow private investigators and investigation partners in every country around the world. What this means for our clients is that every step will be taken to ensure our services are not halted by borders or movement, allowing us to engage our private investigation services on international soil regardless of location. It doesn’t matter where in the world the target ends up – we can track them discreetly and obtain the evidence or information required to give our client what they need. 

How our Private Investigator Agency operates

Intime Investigations can provide various private detective services on behalf of private, legal, and corporate clients from around the world. From uncovering fraudulent plans to tracking the movement of corporate theft, through to identifying a cheating partner or finding someone who has been on the run for a period of time, our team have done it all. We are experienced private investigators, with our HQ situated in the heart of London’s West end. Aside from being easy for our clients to find, this location gives us easy access to the whole of London and beyond, with the team equipped with the best vehicles and tools for responding to any brief or request.

Experienced, reliable and honest Private Investigators

Our team has been in operation for over 14 years, with experienced male and female investigators that can assist you with your enquiry. We understand that clients who hire Private Investigators to carry out investigations on their behalf, need to know that they have a reliable and professional private investigation agency carrying out the searches and enquiries required. From operating under full discretion to delivering comprehensive reports on the progress and results of each investigation, we make sure that every client has all the support, guidance, and information they need to proceed with whatever they deem to be the next steps for their project.

And that’s not all. We are proud to partner with a collection of fully vetted and experienced private investigators worldwide who have been trained and approved to act on our behalf. With affiliate investigators located in every major city in the World, these agents can help us with professional and discreet investigations at short notice.

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Our Private Investigation Services will bring a prompt resolution to your case

All of our inhouse and external investigators are highly trained to investigate fraud, tracing family debtors and fraudsters, cheating spouses, marital infidelity, employee theft, insurance fraud, false claims, personal injury claims, document servers, fraud investigations, background checks and employee verification, GPS vehicle tracking, and counter surveillance service.
If you’ve got something you need to get to the bottom of, no matter how big or small, our team are well placed to help.

As well as the investigation itself, our Private Investigator agency team are experienced in the full follow-up services relating to Civil, Criminal and Domestic Investigations such as; Matrimonial Infidelity, marital Investigations, Video Surveillance evidence, adultery cases, domestic matters, children / child custody, nursing home negligence, personal injury, bodily injury, auto liability, catching cheaters, corporate Investigations, Spousal Surveillance, employee background checks and other investigations. This allows us to provide you with insight and advice on following up your investigation report with the right action.

The most common Private Investigation Services we encounter on a regular basis include: Spouse Investigations, People Tracing, home de-bugging services, bug sweeps/ counter surveillance, Marital Investigations, Hidden Camera Installation, covert video surveillance camera install, and investigating cheating spouses.

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