GPS Vehicle Tracking services to London, Kent, Essex and Nationwide.

GPS Car tracking throughout the UK

Our GPS Car Tracking services are able to track a vehicle or persons whereabouts 24hrs a day. Our Cost Effective GPS Vehicle Trackers will  determine their exact and current location. Intime Investigations supply discreet and completely confidential Live GPS Car and Vehicle Tracking throughout London, Essex, Kent and also Nationwide. 

GPS vehicle and car tracking is an extremely useful tool in modern surveillance techniques, covert GPS vehicle trackers are particularly useful in matrimonial issues that Intime Investigations offer. We have several of these hi-tech devices, and when used correctly and lawfully, can be a very good way of gathering intelligence and also as an operational tool, whilst carrying out covert surveillance.

When fitted to a car the device will send a GPS signal to satellites which you the client are able to monitor the vehicles whereabouts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. A unique feature of the trackers we use is we are able to set parameters around various areas (Geofence’s) – Once the car passes through or out of the perimeter or geofence a text message and e-mail will be sent to the clients phone and e-mail address, this is particularly useful if you know of an area or address that your partner is visiting when they shouldn’t be.

Gathering evidence using GPS VEHICLE Tracking

Intime Investigations use various satellite tracking units which can be covertly installed in or on almost any vehicle. Our systems can then monitor where a vehicle is at any given time.

There are two types of systems: there are live vehicle trackers that send the information from the device to a mobile phone or laptop in real time or a device that retains all the information of the journeys and then when the device is removed the information is then downloaded onto a laptop that will in turn work with google maps. These systems can be used in various situations to include employee and matrimonial.

GPS VEHICLE and Car Tracking solutions

Most vehicles in the country can be tracked by our private investigators. At Intime Investigations we strive to provide our customers with a sense of security and comfort. A variety of devices that our private investigators can deploy to vehicles in seconds are available to you whether you need to track the vehicle of a partner because of suspicious conduct, ensure the safety of your child, or track the vehicle of an employee.

Utilizing a covert tracking device, the client can observe the whereabouts of the tracked car at any moment, which can prove everything from a skiving employee to an employee who is using stolen data to fraud and theft. This is one of the many things we can prove with our knowledge. Private detectives in the UK may deploy GPS trackers around the country in a matter of hours to provide you with a wealth of data. Please call us at 0207 060 2907 if you require an experienced investigator to install your covert tracking device.

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Frequently asked questions about Live GPS vehicle Tracking

How does a Vehicle Tracker work?

The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is used by a GPS vehicle tracking devices. This system combines a number of satellites that use signals sent to GPS devices to provide information on a region, vehicle speed, and time. As a result, a GPS tracking device will be be able to provide continuous route information for any journey.

Will the subject(s) know they are being Investigated?


Definitely not, we have been deploying GPS Trackers to vehicles for over 15 years, and to date we have never had any of our GPS tracking devices found.     Our tracking devices are a highly effective tool which can be discreetly placed on a vehicle or item.  Trackers can be installed within seconds and operate for up to 6 months on a single battery charge! We are able to use many professional counter surveillance techniques to remain completely covert when deploying our gps vehicle tracking devices.  

What are the benefits of live GPS Vehicle Tracking?

– Businesses can benefit from substantial long-term cost savings 

– Lessening any opportunity for theft or inflation of mileage

– Peace of mind or evidence gathering with suspected infidelity  

How Reliable Are GPS Trackers?

We are often asked about the quality and reliability of data obtained from GPS vehicle trackers.

Our vehicle trackers are very reliable, and have already been in operation for thousands of hours and have produced accurate data for many months or years.  

A private investigator or surveillance operative uses an GPS vehicle tracking app on their phone to track the subjects whilst utilising surveillance, this aids the surveillance operative as he or she are able to view the subjects location in realtime and reduce the chances of compromising the surveillance or loosing the subject as a line of sight will not be always be required during the observations.

Using our GPS Vehicle and Car Trackers allows us to:

 Identify addresses and locations the vehicle has visited

Track the route a vehicle has taken
Monitor how long a car / vehicle has spent at a particular location
Records the speeds a vehicle has driven at
View a vehicles travelling history

Our vehicle trackers are offered to private and commercial clients throughout the UK completely discreet and confidential.

Intime Investigations are able to utilise the most accurate and modern GPS vehicle tracking technology to aid such an investigation, maybe it’s a fleet of business vehicles you require tracking, or valuable items being rented or lent to someone.                                                                               

Contact our team of advisors to discuss GPS vehicle tracking further.

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