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We specialise in Fraud Investigations, our Director has been a London Fraud Investigator for over 30 years investigating both internal and external fraud is increasing, with an expanding economy and a shrinking world, company fraud is a growing problem. Intime Investigations can help companies protect themselves against internal and external fraud.

Intime Investigations can give you the facts you need to make informed decisions, whether you’re a local business or a global corporation, we offer a comprehensive service tailored to your specific needs.

We have a team of professionals drawn from all areas including ex-police and ex-armed forces personnel, Investigators and undercover operatives who specialise in Fraud Investigations.

We have a team of professional fraud investigators drawn from all areas including ex-police and ex-armed forces personnel, Investigators and undercover operatives who specialise in Fraud Investigations.

Company fraud and related insurance investigations are unfortunately sometimes given lower priority by stretched police forces, we aim to fill “the gap” through speedy investigation and actions to minimize losses. We can assist in locating assets and recovery, therefore limiting losses and limiting damage. Intime Investigations are committed to personal service and high professional standards, with our extensive experience in the Investigation of all aspects of financial crime.

London Fraud Investigator

UK Fraud Statistics

A record number of fraud cases in first half of 2009, this is the highest number of cases in 21 years of KPMG’s Fraud Barometer - Over £630m of fraud by value in the courts.

Over 160 cases of serious fraud with charges in excess of £100,000 came to UK courts in the first half of this year, according to KPMG Forensic – the highest number of cases in a six month period in the 21 year history of its Fraud Barometer.

Professional gangs were the most active perpetrators of fraud, with 70 cases worth some £450m, and their main victims were investors, who suffered to the tune of £320m. Much of this stemmed from a £200m investment fraud case involving the attempted fraudulent sale of the Ritz hotel in London. Company managers were also active perpetrators, responsible for £150m of fraud against their own employers in 32 cases. Government suffered £150m of fraud, mostly in the form of tax and duty evasion and fraudulent benefit claims. The main victim in terms of number of cases was the financial sector. Over a quarter of fraud cases (44) were against financial institutions, with a value of £111m.

Protect yourself against fraud

If you are unsure of any past, present or future investment opportunities, call us today and we can carry out a tailor-made background check on any company or individual that require checking or verification of the following:

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Be wise - Protect yourself against fraud

A background check can turn up a wide range of information about someone and will typically include things such as any criminal records, a credit report, address history, marriage history along with other related information. It’s easy to build up a picture which will tell some-ones full ‘story’ with a personal background search.

At Intime Investigations private detective agency London, our background checks delve into the individual’s personal identifying data, begging with their name, address and national insurance number, a national criminal records database search, checking for any criminal act offenses or convictions and onward. You can be assured of an accurate and complete investigation of an the subjects history.

You can be assured that our background check services are one of the most comprehensive, accurate, cost effective and thorough in the UK private investigation sector.

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