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Intime Investigations are an established UK based Private Detective & Investigator agency based in London, supplying Detectives and Investigators, Process Servers & Tracing services to private and corporate clients Nationally and Internationally for over 15 years.

We are a fully accredited Private Detective agency, dedicated in providing discreet and effective private investigation services. Whether you require surveillance for employee or matrimonial matters, a process server to serve court documents, trace people or a fraud investigator, we have many years carrying out various private investigations. We act on behalf of solicitors, tracing agents, insurers for personal injury claims, tracing and locating debtors, witnesses and missing persons, conducting background checks and pre-employment verification for an array of different types of companies and agencies. 

We operate throughout the whole of the United Kingdom and Worldwide.

We are your solution because we have the knowledge built up and learnt within the Private Investigation and London Private Detective sector, supplying clients with the answers they sometimes strive for, we maintain the highest standards of Private Investigations and our fees are the most reasonable Private Investigator rates available  (Guaranteed)

Intime Investigations have a proven track record, why choose us?

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Complete discretion, professionalism and cost effective security and investigation solutions.

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Company run by a former corporate fraud investigator with 28 years of security and investigation experience.

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Our telephone consultations are completely free and whatever you discuss with us remains completely confidential.

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Operating throughout the UK, and overseas when required, our investigative techniques and expertise cover the full spectrum of private investigations.

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Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust.

With offices in London and Essex we can give you an effective and reliable Private Investigation Detective service absolutely anywhere in the UK (even at short notice) 

Our Private Investigator & Detective services cover the following:

Private or corporate cases often require surveillance for evidence gathering purposes, our surveillance operatives are extremely experienced, which provides total discretion while they carry out the surveillance and observations throughout London and the entire UK. All photographic evidence and reports from the surveillance we carry out is completely free at no additional cost.

Our experienced process and court document servers can provide a professional and time effective service of documents in London, Essex, Kent and throughout the United Kingdom. Whether you have a one off process serving requirement, or you are looking for a reliable private investigation agency to manage your document serving in volume workloads, we would be happy to help.

We are a well known and highly respected professional tracing and people search agency. Out tried and tested tracing techniques can locate family, missing persons, tracing adopted children, witnesses, debtors, absconding tenants or birth family. Intime Investigations are an established International tracing agency, Our trace and people finder service will locate missing persons - London and Worldwide.

Totally discreet matrimonial investigations carried out by trained cheating spouse detectives in London and Worldwide. Intime Investigations can provide the truth about your cheating partner/ spouse by various methods including surveillance, PC or mobile phone investigation, tracing the other person. We understand it can be difficult to speak to a matrimonial investigator, but we are not only sympathetic of your circumstances but you can be rest assured the investigation will be performed in a professional and timely manner.

Our dedicated team of asset investigators & detectives are trained in asset recovery & asset searching, link analysis, fund traces and hidden asset searches. with the knowledge of various public information databases available to private investigators we are able to carry out in-depth legal asset searches and traces in the UK and also Worldwide, with this superior knowledge of asset tracing databases we are able to perform asset searches not only thoroughly, but we are able to produce reliable, up to date investigations with very little information initially available.

Intime Investigations can carry out people tracing and search for the person on a no trace no fee basis and locate people throughout London, UK and Worldwide. Our trace and people search investigators can find people with very little information. Whether you require us to trace one person, or you are looking for a reliable tracing or investigation agency to manage your traces in volume workloads, we would be happy to help. We have very competitive rates for private and corporate clients who wish to trace people in bulk on a no trace no fee basis.

Check someone’s background or verify their past, employee verification. Our extensive in-depth background checks offer precise up to date information on peoples background and current circumstances.            A background check and employee verification can be tailor made to your requirements, contact us today to discuss your personal background checking services. All of our background searches are carried out in house by our experienced and thoroughly discreet investigators.

Trace a family member or a missing person - Find a son? Daughter? Husband? or Wife? - Our investigators & detectives search throughout London, the UK and Worldwide for missing people and lost family members. Intime Investigations are experts at tracking down and locating missing relatives. Intime Investigations are experts in tracing adopted children, locating your birth and family members. Our missing person and family searching procedures are renowned for being discreet, accurate and performed in a timely manner. Contact us today to discuss tracing and locating your family members.


Matrimonial Investigator – Do you suspect your partner of cheating and being unfaithful and possibly having an affair? Our infidelity investigators specialise in carrying out matrimonial surveillance and cheating spouse investigations.

We will keep a private eye on your cheating husband/ wife or partner and get the information you need to either confront or leave your cheating spouse.

If you are contemplating divorce proceedings we can carry out an asset search to verify where and how much money and assets your partner has hidden away. If your partner is cheating we will find the truth you strive for so you can move on or possibly carry out divorce proceedings.

Here at Intime we fully understand that employing the services of a Private Detective/ Investigator to monitor your cheating spouse is never going to be an easy decision to undertake.

We are experienced in catching cheaters and finding people in the United Kingdom and Internationally. If you suspect that either your husband/ wife/ boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, you have the right to know.


There are various options available to you and obviously this is all dependent on your personal requirements, but we can adapt to any options that you may have as we are here to help you and give a professional private investigation service whatever your query.

Here are some of the services that Intime investigations can offer to assist our corporate clients;


UK Process Server London, Intime Investigations are experienced court document process servers enquiry agents and, serving court documents quickly and efficiently throughout the United Kingdom and Worldwide. We can effect document service of legal legal documents upon respondents throughout London, Essex, Kent and all around the UK and Internationally. From the point of instruction we update the client on the progress of the service as often as your requirements dictate, updates can either be provided at every key stage or we can fulfill your instructions on a send and receive basis whereby documents requiring service are forwarded, our process server will effect service and swear the documents, these of course will be sent back to you.


Our Matrimonial cheating spouse investigation detectives based in London treat every case with the strictest of confidentiality.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, then contact us today and we will help solve this issue.

If you suspect your Spouse is cheating/ Husband or wife is a cheater our infidelity investigators can help you.

If your spouse is cheating or your boyfriend/ girlfriend is cheating there are various ways that you can tell.

Sometimes its just instinct that tells you your spouse is cheater, fortunately there are more than 10 signs of a cheater.


Surveillance is a useful tool to gather evidence for a wide variety of circumstances to determine the activities of a person.

Our surveillance services are carried out by highly experienced surveillance operatives who are able to follow people and document the sequence of events for as long as the clients require. Our surveillance services are not only available throughout London, Essex, Kent but Nationwide and Internationally.

Our private investigators and detectives work along side our covert surveillance personnel.


Internal and external fraud is increasing, with an expanding economy and a shrinking world, company fraud is a growing problem. Intime Investigations can help companies protect themselves against internal and external fraud.

Intime Investigations can give you the facts you need to make informed decisions, whether you’re a local business or a global corporation, we offer a comprehensive service tailored to your specific needs.

We have a team of professionals drawn from all areas including ex-police and ex-armed forces personnel, Investigators and undercover operatives who specialise in Fraud Investigations.

We have a team of professionals drawn from all areas including ex-police and ex-armed forces personnel, Investigators and undercover operatives who specialise in Fraud Investigations.

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Whatever your Investigative enquiry we are sure we are able to beat our competitors on price and performance in record timescales.

We have a clear pricing option that will be explained to you during a free non-obligational confidential discussion.

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Intime Investigations are considered to be ethical operators using only fully trained British Investigators and qualified field operatives, always with an eye to detail and subsequently keeping your costs down.

With a majority of our clientele contacting Intime Investigations with matrimonial private investigation requests, with our infidelity Investigations, we are able to assist our clients with peace and mind.

We keep up with today’s modern technology with up to date people tracing databases and covert/ overt surveillance and GPS vehicle tracking equipment.

We pride ourselves in long term experience to give 100% commitment in service to our clients whether they are Private or Corporate. We have a truly unique team of UK investigators, tracing agents, process servers and surveillance operatives who only specialise in their specific areas of expertise.

Our pledge to you is that ALL matters are treated with total discretion, professionalism and confidentiality.

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