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Private Investigator Essex have been providing an Investigation service throughout the county of Essex for over 15 years. Our team of private investigators are uniquely trained to trace and monitor subjects across any location throughout the UK.  You can rely on our investigation skills to uncover the truth about corporate or personal situations and bring any fraud or criminal to justice for the benefit of our clients.Private Investigator Essex

Our Private Investigator Essex service starts when you get in touch, with Investigator inviting you to discuss the case and the investigation you are hoping to conduct. We will ask you what your ideal outcome is, before learning as much as we can from you about the target and their movements – all information which helps us in establishing any patterns that we can exploit in order to find and follow them as effectively as possible.

During the the investigation, we will provide you with regular updates. Upon completion of the investigation, we will then provide a comprehensive and detailed report which has everything you need to take your case forward in whichever way you see fit. This report will be delivered directly to you, the client, in the agreed format as per the original consultation and contractual discussion.

Private Investigators in Essex

Bringing together former policemen and women, professional investigators, and all manner of related service providers and advisors, our team at the private investigator agency in Essex is primed to deliver not just the evidence and information you need but also any advice and guidance you require in turning that information into action.

From uncovering fraud to identifying cheating spouses, our team use their unique and varied skillset to isolate the target and catch them in the act without them ever knowing – making our services discreet and highly effective, while ensuring that your position as the client is never revealed.

Do you need Private Investigator services in Essex?

Contrary to popular belief, private investigation services aren’t just for husbands and wives who have gone astray or who don’t trust each other. Our services are valued by clients from all walks of life, who hold suspicions or concerns in a personal or professional capacity - relating to workplace fraud, theft, violence, or infidelity.

Some of the most common and recent investigations we have conducted have concerned; corporate theft, identity fraud, finding missing persons, uncovering fraudulent insurance claims, tracking down children who have been taken as part of a custody battle, checking personal injury claims, conducting background checks, and even investigating cases of negligence in care homes and child protection locations.

Private Investigator Essex are well positioned in relation to London and its surrounding counties, our services in Essex are often engaged as part of a broader investigation relating to those in and around the city of London - with the Essex team primed to take over any movement outside of the city, and able to continue the tracking and tracing of targets in a seamless and discreet manner.

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What to do next

Aside from giving you, the client, all the information and evidence you need as part of the overall investigation, we understand how difficult it can be to reach out to a private investigator agency in the first place. No matter what your case, and regardless of how much evidence and/or certainty you already have, presenting reliable and evidenced information lies at the heart of our services, and we deliver every report alongside the advice and assistance you need to take your case through the next steps.

For more information on how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

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