UK Corporate Investigation Services

There are various options available to you and obviously this is all dependent on your personal requirements, but we can adapt to any options that you may have as we are here to help you and give a professional private investigation service whatever your query.

Here are some of the services that Intime investigations can offer to assist our corporate clients;

Covert and Overt surveillance play a major part in fraud, corruption and theft in any business. With the use of our company infiltration specialists who work completely undercover and undetected in organisations gathering evidence of wrong doing amongst employees.

Intime Investigations provide an efficient and precise background checking services, Integrity checks, criminal record check, reference checks, criminal records (CRB) check, ID verification. Our checks will enable you to make more informed decisions when either hiring or investing in someone.

Process Serving

Intime Investigations are quick, responsive, experienced and professional process serving and enquiry agents,serving documents throughout London and the whole of the UK. Effecting service of all types of legal documents on respondents in the UK for more that 15 years.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Information can be quickly retrieved and recovered from any mobile phones and computers, this includes contact lists, SMS messages and various deleted information.

GPS vehicle tracking

A useful tool in modern surveillance techniques is the Covert GPS Vehicle Tracker, these are particularly useful in matrimonial issues that Intime Investigations offer. We have several of these Hi-Tech devices, and when used correctly and lawfully, can be a very good way of gathering intelligence and also as an operational tool, whilst carrying out surveillance which Intime Investigations offer.

Tracing debtors

Trace & people finding tracing agency, Intime Investigations have abundant people search skills, we locate debtors, missing persons, absconding tenants, missing family and various types of people that do and do not want to be found.

Company infiltration

Company Infiltration and Test Purchasing involves the use of undercover surveillance operatives and test purchasers carrying out surveillance or purchasing goods while working in many different guises which we adapt to fit your personal desires, we can work and cary out test purchasing in various environments including department stores, retail outlets, building trades, warehouses, and various office environments.

Fraud investigations

Internal and external fraud is increasing, with an expanding economy and a shrinking world, company fraud is a growing problem. Intime Investigations can help companies protect themselves against internal and external fraud.

Executive close protection

UK based London body-guard service supplying SIA close executive protection services/ personal protection officers that offer the highest level of personal protection for the security minded, from high profile executives and entertainers to private family security.