Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

A Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), which is also widely known as electronic bug sweeping, involves the detailed visual, physical and technical inspection of the working environment, or home, to detect and neutralise covert surveillance  devices. Not only will a Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep detect, locate and identify any suspicious devices, it can also identify additional areas where a person or organisation may be losing information or data other than through illicit eavesdropping devices such as through the companies IT system, Bluetooth and un-encrypted systems.

Our Private Investigators carry out Counter Surveillance bug sweeps and detection in all areas and environments, we use some of the industries most advanced electronic counter surveillance and debugging equipment to locate all types of electronic listening devices / bugs, telephone taps, hidden video, radio and various other covert devices.

Counter surveillance bug sweeps/ electronic de-bugging is an important tool for any business person or individual interested in protecting their privacy.

Whether it is a business competitor or a stalker, both can easily obtain low cost listening devices and wreak havoc on your business or personal life.

Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep

Our highly experienced counter surveillance private investigators can offer a discreet and confidential bug sweep and counter surveillance service to individuals who suspect they are being spied-on, or want to ensure their privacy is maintained.

The ever increasing availability of audio and video bugs available on the market from high street shops and the internet make it relatively easy for someone to spy on you and see and hear what you are doing in your own home.

The prices for counter surveillance bug sweeps throughout the UK are available here.

What is Bug Sweeping?

Bug sweeping or TSCM (Technical surveillance counter measures) is carried out by our counter surveillance agents, they have many years of experience in carrying out counter surveillance.

Our technology will guarantee that your place of business and home are free of electronic intrusion.

Highly specialised in their field, our investigators will uncover every piece of mobile or PC forensic evidence you need. On many occasions, people have tried to delete their files, but our skilled PC forensic investigators can recover this information.

The value of Counter Surveillance

The significance of employing a counter surveillance TSCM professional cannot be overstated. TSCM counter surveillance bug sweeps and bug detection are frequently requested by enterprises when they suspect that a bug has been used to obtain information about personnel or business activities.

Consider this scenario: do you employ security for your building anytime you feel insecure on certain days? Is security a permanent fixture at your place of business? It is without a doubt the latter.

Do you use a firewall on occasion? Or do you have your firewalls turned on all the time? It's the latter once more. So, since you have constant digital and physical protection, why aren't you using routine TCSM counter surveillance techniques?

Professional, Discreet Bug Sweep Services

You don't need to hire a full-time professional counter surveillance bug sweeper, but you should adhere to data security best practises in all facets of your company. There's a risk that your employees are using USB sticks and flash drives to take confidential papers out of secure places without your knowledge.

This opens the door for someone to copy these documents or for these gadgets, containing critical data, to become 'lost.' Who knows what will happen to it? You need to look outside the box when it comes to security.

Metal detectors and anti-virus software aren't enough. Because if someone is attempting to bug your offices, you can bet they will think outside the box.

fullY confidential


Our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures approach

In general our counter surveillance specialist will conduct a two part search; looking for Hardwire, Radio Frequency, and laser / Infrared bugs. The two part search will consist firstly of a physical search, where we will inspect electronic equipment and suspect areas for known devices and then for the second part we will carry out an electronic RF spectrum and audio search using our counter surveillance equipment. 

Our Private Investigators will search all possible areas including telephones and phone lines both inside and outside the property.

Our Private Investigators have the bug sweeping and detection equipment and experience to
 carry out complete counter surveillance sweeps in the following locations.

Home, Office, Factory, Vehicle (car and van), Micro devices fitted in clothing,
Electronic equipment such as phones, laptops, computers, radios, televisions, clocks, lamps etc.

A Hardwire bug or transmitter is a listening device that is attached to your phone or phone line. It’s generally powered by the line or the phone itself, These are often hard to detect as they generally only transmit when a call is in operation. A hard wire transmitter can be placed on the phone, line, or central telephone system. The transmitter can even be placed on your line outside of the building, or down the street at the junction box.

Radio Frequency (RF), (Spectrum & audio search).

RF transmitters send wireless signals through the air. A FM / AM / Microwave counter surveillance scanner device can then intercept these signals.

With today’s technology, local spy stores and the internet are selling RF transmitters for less than a hundred pounds. This is making it increasingly easy for “interested parties” to place a device in a room and listen to meetings, important company decisions, or discussions about new products or services. A common place is in the personnel department where details of other employees can be learnt.


These types of listening devices operate through a window or similar opening. An operative could easily setup the equipment via tripod connected to a transmitter and intercept your communication from miles away. A laser or infrared beam is shot into the room from any distance of up to many miles away. The audio in that room is picked up by the laser beam and transferred into data that is then sent over the light or infrared beam back to the sender. The sender normally has a recorder connected to the equipment and can record the conversation.

Discreet TSCM Bug Sweeping Specialists

What can you expect if you hire a company to conduct TSCM sweeps and surveys for you? Obviously, bug sweeps are an important component of that. However, hiring a TSCM firm with the intention of establishing them a regular presence in your company is a good idea. Periodic checks can aid in the maintenance of security. Additionally, a comprehensive methodology like TSCM can help you spot threats before they occur. 

Sweeps can be overly reactive, but they can educate companies about the significance of regular security checks and assessments. You obtain the benefit of a firm’s knowledge and recommendations when you hire a company that specialises in TSCM service. The world is always changing and evolving, thanks to technological advancements.

Your employees must also be aware of any new hazards. Hiring a firm that researches these new hazards can also have the unintended consequence of alerting your employees about the latest technical threats they should be aware of in the workplace. There’s also the issue of meeting security to consider. It’s a good idea to set aside secure areas where confidential discussions about thoughts, plans, and intellectual property can be held with only those who need to know. Limiting these meetings to a specific location and a specific group of people, as well as keeping meticulous notes of the discussions, can aid in identifying the source of any leaks. Either there is someone or there is something in the room.

But who can assist you in achieving such a comprehensive counter surveillance security strategy? 

 We at Intime Investigations can provide these services at a reasonable cost.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a company with a better combination of knowledge, experience, and cost-effectiveness than Intime Investigations when it comes to coiner surveillance bug sweepeing  TSCM services. From our London headquarters, we’ve been using counter surveillance techniques to secure homes and workplaces for the past two decades. And, as a result of our success, we’ve expanded to the rest of the UK, with sub-offices all across the country. So, if you want to keep your company’s secrets safe, call Intime Investigations on 0207 060 2907.

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