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Need to locate someone? We are the UK's leading people tracing agency.

Our Tracing People Finder Agents at Intime Investigations can trace a person in the UK or Internationally. We offer specialist tracing services such as debtor tracing, tenant tracing or family tracing. If you’re looking for a tracing agent then your come to the right place.

What is a tracing service? 

A tracing service is used to locate an individual who has vacated the last known address and their current whereabouts or location are unknown. Our expert people tracing agents use various methods and facilities to locate the present address of the missing person. 

Locating a missing person can sometimes be a stressful experience, whether it’s a loved one who hasn’t come home, someone who owes an unpaid dept, an absconding tenant, or simple someone linked to you who you can’t track down. With the UK offering so many different locations and landscapes in which an individual can easily disappear, tracing and tracking down missing people can feel like an impossible task – until now.

Our people tracing agency team at Intime Investigations are specially trained in not only narrowing the location of a missing person down, but also in tracking them to a specific spot at a certain time so that they can be served with an unpaid debt or legal papers or contacted by a loved one. This is covered under our unique trace and serve service – for more information on this particular branch of investigative work, click here: trace and serve.

UK People Tracing Services 

 Here in the UK we have over 15 years experience tracing people. With sufficient background information from the client we have a 95% success rate in locating the individuals they are seeking to find. 

Almost every country worldwide some form of people tracing services and here at Intime Investigations  we have spent many years developing various relationships in order to identify the best people tracing services globally. We have an extremely successful rate anywhere in the world tracing and finding the absconded debtor, a missing beneficiary or loved one. 

Please call +44(0)207 060 2907 to discuss your tracing requirements.

Tracing People Finder

No matter the circumstance, we understand that it can be stressful when someone who doesn’t want to be found cannot be located – whether for legal or personal reasons. That’s why prior to any project we will ask for a comprehensive overview of the situation to understand the motive and reasoning behind the potential disappearance.

From there, we will use our various resources both online and on the ground, to scour the various landscapes of the UK and track down exactly where the subject of your search is. From there, we will present all trace evidence back to you and talk you through it, before proceeding with the trace and serve service if necessary

Clients should note that we operate a No Trace, No Fee service which means that if we are unsuccessful, you will not be charged.

Why our people tracing agency is the best in the business

With people finding techniques and resources at our disposal which are beyond our competitors means, including the introduction of an exclusive and unique people search database, we can quickly and efficiently locate old friends, family, missing persons, or even the most elusive debtor. All of our services are conducted in the most cost effective way possible, providing every client with information and trace evidence of the location of their missing person within 48 hours (in most cases). Our high success rate is down to our fusion of manual and electronic search techniques, which allow us to cover more ground and conduct a comprehensive online and offline search for missing people across the UK.

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How much are our tracing services in the UK?

The cost for tracing someone can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of work that needs to be carried out by our tracing agents and investigators, various factors include:

How recent is the information? 

How much information is available? 

Do you have a full name, DOB and last address?

We always endeavour to provide a competitive priced tracing services and will always provide FREE CONSULTATION where we can start gathering the information required for your search. This can be via email or telephone.We have extensive experience in this sector, and have a extremely great success in tracing people, locating people and finding missing people.
We are fully committed to providing a first class service combined with value for money for all of our clients.

Tracing a person in the UK can sometimes be a complicated task made even more challenging with strict legal and regulatory frameworks tracing agents have to abide too. Generally, the more information you have about a person that you want to trace, the easier it will be for us to find their current address. 

Whether you are looking for a debtor a long lost friend or family member you need to ensure that the company instruct are legally compliant.

For your peace of mind, we hold the following accreditations:

SIA Registered 
Full WAPI membership held
Fully ICO Registered & GDPR compliant
Full Professional Indemnity Insurance
Experts in Evidence Gathering and the Civil Procedure Rules 

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