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Trace & people finding tracing agency, Intime Investigations have abundant people search skills, we locate debtors, missing persons, absconding tenants, missing family and various types of people that do and do not want to be found.

We are able to carry out some traces on a No Trace No Fee basis to locate someone in the UK. In addition to our tracing service we also offer a unique trace and serve service, for more information on click here: trace and serve

Our people finding and tracing techniques are beyond our competitors means, with the introduction of our unique people search database we now have at our disposal we can quickly and efficiently locate old friends, family, missing persons, or even the most elusive debtor.

Through years of experience we are able to cost effectively trace individuals and provide traces to the client normally within 48 hrs of receiving even the smallest amount of information. Intime Investigations pride ourselves on a high success tracing rate by adopting both manual and electronic searches in order to achieve a greater level of success.

We offer a professional tracing service, that is second to none from as little as £155.00.

Please call +44(0)207 060 2907 to discuss your tracing requirements.

If you wish to trace someone – Call Intime Investigations today.

Whether it be an old friend or a family search/ tracing ancestors, or even find a debtor , our detectives and UK tracing agents can find even the most elusive or secretive individuals around the United Kingdom.

We can carry out a discreet background check on anyone in the UK with excellent and accurate results.  Please use our trace contact form at the bottom of this page and we will provide you with a competitive quote

Our debtor finder service is second to none, with our contacts throughout the United Kingdom and Worldwide that allow us to help our clients gather the evidence they need to locate and trace any person anywhere.

Our specialist tracing agents are able to trace and find people with unprecedented success.

Here at Intime investigations we believe that if you are lawfully owed money you should be able to trace the debtors and get your money back.

We have an excellent track record of tracing debtors and helping our clients recover the money which is owed to them.

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Our Professional tracing agents or people finding Investigators can assist you in various ways including a background search or even find a person you have not seen for a while, or you might need to find a address, our people finder department have abundant skills in tracking down even the most allusive United Kingdom debtors so to find family or find a person that is not aware they are being looked for is normally a simple process which can normally be turned around in 48 hrs, to find a missing person can sometimes take a bit more time but our wealth of experience in tracking people down within the UK sets the standards where other Detective and Investigation agencies follow.

Our no trace no fee service is only available for UK based searches and not International searches – please call for searches outside of the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We can trace any individual, anywhere in the UK or Worldwide, whether they are a debtor, witness, beneficiary, or any other missing person.

We guarantee that all the information we provide is correct.

Our standard traces are usually completed within just 14 days.

Yes, our clients receive a written report detailing the traced subject’s confirmed current address

Ideally, we would like to have the subject’s full name, date of birth and last known address. Any previous addresses or relatives’ addresses would also be very helpful, as would current or past employment details, any telephone numbers and any other relevant information.