Pension Member Tracing

We Can Trace Lost and Missing Pension Members to a Current Address

Tracing missing pension members can be a relatively straight forward task. For over 15 years, we’ve been tracing pension members who have gone missing for whatever reason. With just a few basic details, we’ve been able to locate your pension members using our tried and tested techniques. Names, previous addresses or phone numbers have all worked for us in the past to trace missing pension members.

We always operate sensitively and ethically. Using two independent sources of tracing information, our skilled tracing agents will supply you with the missing pension members current address, which is guaranteed to be a current address for the member on the date the trace report is completed.

Searches are conducted over the phone, via professional and public databases, in a discrete manner, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Trace Missing Pension Members with the help of our Tracing Specialists

As soon as you instruct us to trace your missing pension members, we’ll begin the search; in some circumstances we may need to purchase certificates, such as birth and marriage certificates; these costs are always subject to your prior approval and will be paid regardless of the outcome of the search. 

Why Choose us to Trace your Missing Pension Member?

We take great pleasure in delivering up-to-date information in a timely manner. When it comes to tracing pension members in the United Kingdom, no one does it better than the professionals at Intime Investigations.

Instead of relying on databases or any other single source of information that may not be current, we prefer to thoroughly substantiate our findings before releasing them to the client. We regularly trace missing pension members and any living relatives.

We will do our best to process the trace as quickly as possible, but there are situations when the delays are just out of our control, such as when we need to obtain certificates.

We are committed to offering our clients with cost effective, professional and discreet service.

Lost Pension Member Finder

Pension members that have gone missing or who haven't been heard from can be traced using Intime Investigations comprehensive and successful trace/locate service in the United Kingdom and Europe as well as around the world. In many occasions, our private investigators and tracing agents are able to trace people with little information, even in tricky situations, and we are pleased to assist in the more difficult cases when other investigators may be unable or reluctant to help.

In order to locate a missing pension member, the cost is mostly dependent on how much information is available about a person. Our service assures that we find the simplest and most efficient way to locate a specific individual. This can be done by asking the correct questions prior to beginning an investigation. By having up-to-date background information, an enquiry can be less expensive than searching for persons whose entire identities are unknown, tracking down birth parents, or tracing people in other countries.

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