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Finding Missing Beneficiaries

Our beneficiary tracing services find missing heirs & beneficiaries throughout the UK and worldwide. Professional at finding missing heirs.

We are proud to offer missing beneficiary searches that are both affordable and effective, without any additional fees or costs down the road. When it comes to our fees, we’re as open and honest as we can be. Many of our clients come to us as a last resort after being dissatisfied with the first set of findings they received from another tracing agency. Sometimes we’ll leave your file open until you’re able to speak with us directly, depending on your situation and what you need from us. It’s not over yet! After your case has been resolved, we are here to help if you have any questions or concerns.

Find and Trace Missing Heirs

We understand that deciding to search for a missing beneficiary can take months or even years of contemplation. When it comes to finding heir and missing beneficiaries, we know that the little extra details can make an enormous impact. When it comes to tracing missing beneficiaries, no one does it better than our accredited, experienced staff of hunters tracing professionals. Feel free to contact one of our specialists if you have any questions or concerns about taking this step. Talk to us about tracing a missing beneficiary with no obligation to go any further or instruct us.

Why Choose us to Trace a Missing Beneficiary?

Are you trying to find a missing heir? We can help you get in touch with a missing beneficiary. Our tracing process would normally take 14 days to complete thanks to our tried and tested heir finding databases and resources

We've located thousands of heirs and beneficiaries who had gone missing. Finding lost heirs or beneficiaries is one of our most popular tracing requests. For more than 15 years we have been tracing beneficiaries for various reasons.

Besides ensuring that our investigators are skilled and certified, we'll combine all of the contact information into a professional organised report. With our post-investigative help, we'll walk you through the facts and address any concerns. Please give us a call if you'd like to learn more about our beneficiary tracing services.

Are you Considering Tracing a Missing Heir?

Tracing a missing beneficiary or heir can be a complex and time consuming task. There are numerous variables to consider while trying to find a missing beneficiary or heir. Our tracing services are used by a range of sectors including solicitors and other legal entities, small and large businesses, financial institutions and local governments.

It is possible for us to trace beneficiaries who have gone missing, our superior tracing services are not only accurate but also priced competitively.

We have years of expertise locating missing beneficiaries and heirs anywhere in the country or around the world as private investigators. It is our job to efficiently and accurately trace beneficiaries, heir.
We are able to trace beneficiaries utilising specialist techniques and always work in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

How much does it cost to trace a missing heir or beneficiary?

A typical cost to trace beneficiary or missing heir would normally be in the region of between £185.00 – £285.00 + VAT.

We would estimate that the tracing process would normally take 7-14 days to complete thoroughly.

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