Lost To Follow Up - Alive and Well Checks

Our Lost to Follow up will maximise your clinical research trials by reducing lost patients

Lost to Follow Up – For the past 12 years we have been privileged enough to be instructed to assist with 1,000’s of lost to follow up searches, traces and alive and well checks on behalf of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, sponsors, sites and patient recruitment and retention companies in the world.

We are one of the market leaders consistently proving we are one the most experienced lost to follow up search companies operating in this very niche sector.

We are fully versed and adhere to GDPR, SOP/COP, ICH, GCP guidelines and all relevant worldwide regulations.

Over the years we have been instructed by sites and sponsors to search and trace 1000+ patients internationally at any given time, so we feel we are extremely well placed to not only to provide accurate data, a structure that is able to cope with this workload but also the databases, resources and tracing agents that will be required to complete alive and well checks successfully and in a timely manner.

So whether you are anticipating clinical trial alive and well checks in the future or needing a change to a company, with substantial experience carrying out Lost to Follow Up Checks Worldwide we are here to help every step of the way.

What is Lost to Follow Up - LTFU?

Lost to follow up LTFU searches are sometimes referred to as alive and well checks, patient retention, loss to follow up, patient finder and patient trial finder. Lost to follow up LTFU refers to patients who at some point  were actively participating in a clinical research trial, but have unfortunately become lost at the point of the follow-ups in the specific clinical trial. 

The reasons for conducting lost to follow up patient tracing would be to establish if the patient is still alive, they still reside at the supplied address or trace the patients current address and obtain their current contact details and to also ensure that the details supplied by the patient to the site are correct.

We understand that sometimes patients will withdraw consent and you may longer be able to contact them, this is where we can assist you in a legal, ethical and accurate enquiry which will in turn provide the patients whereabouts and also their current alive and well status.

We can guarantee that absolutely no contact will be made with the patient doing the lost to follow up search.

We are the Lost to Follow Up Patient Search Experts and we can guarantee that we will be able will maximise your’e alive and well clinical research success by greatly reducing patients that are currently not responding to requests for contact or believed to be deceased.

Lost to follow up searches and traces are carried out utilising professional and public databases alongside various tried and tested open source patient finder techniques.


Lost to follow up searches in over 63 countries worldwide

Through our unique network of agents dotted around the world we are able to to accurately and cost effectively ascertain where you're lost patients are and whether they are still alive or not.
Our main countries of interest over the past few years have been, USA, India, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Netherlands, S America, Germany, Poland, Asia and Africa.
Over the past 12 years we have adapted to the pharmaceutical sector providing updates around the clock if necessary and always retaining data safely and securely.
If you lose patients, you unfortunately lose critical data also. Our lost to follow up service efficiently reconnects sites with patients, helping to bring potentially life-saving care to patients faster.

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Accurate, cost effective and compliant Lost to Follow Up searches

According to recent research, adopting patient tracing solutions can drastically lower lost to follow-up (LTFU) rates and significantly increase the efficiency of any existing retention activities and thus increasing patient retention and reducing long-term follow-up rates which is critical for sponsors of clinical studies that require long-term patient follow ups. 

Instructing Intime Investigations to carry out your alive and well checks or lost to follow up searches will ensure that patients data is maintained and updated accurately and securely.

Despite the fact that it is impossible to completely avoid losing patients to follow-up, trial researchers do their utmost to avoid this conundrum However, if and when patients are lost from the study, the statistical analysis must be precise and fair, so that the study stays valid, avoids bias, and maintains 100% accuracy.

Ever since we received our first lost to follow up assignment, we have been passionate about finding and tracing lost patients wherever they may be in the world. 

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