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Debtor Tracing Services

Pursuing a debtor in relation to unpaid debts typically requires the applicant to know where the debtor is. Debtors who abscond are likely to make it more difficult for creditors to serve their claim forms or take enforcement action.Intime Investigations Intime Investigations provides a comprehensive debtor tracing service to assist creditors in locating evasive debtors and retrieving the money owed to them.

Through our global network of investigators, we’ve tracked down debtors throughout the United Kingdom, South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. 

Tracing agent companies sometimes only rely on electoral roll data, but we use internal and third-party tools that are significantly more sophisticated. Data from credit applications, company appointments, utility and phone bill payments and surveys and Post Office diversions are entered into our systems every day. All of our debtor traces are conducted by professional, highly skilled investigators who work within the strict parameters of the law whilst also adhering to strict codes of conduct. 

Trace a Missing Debtor with the help of our Tracing Specialists

The sooner you instruct us of the impending relocation of your debtor, the better. That way, we can begin the process of recouping your money before it’s too late. It’s considerably easier and less expensive to track and monitor your debtor before they leave the country, but if they do decide to flee, we can still assist you. 

Around 30% of all undeliverable post is from people moving home to a new address without notifying their suppliers of the changes. 

In many cases this is done without intent and just not notified all the relevant and interested parties. However, there is still a number of people who do this so as not to be found and avoid paying any outstanding debts and bills. 

It is important that innocent people are found quickly to avoid having detrimental information recorded against them and damaging their credit score. 

However, it is just as important to locate the absconded debtors in order to make them accountable for the debts they have left behind.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time during our investigation. We’ll provide you a complete Trace Report with all the information we have on the individual you’re looking for so you may contact them or give that information to your legal team. 

Why choose us to Trace your Debtor?

There are times when profiling persons' names in databases we have access to is appropriate and reasonable. We'll construct a profile of the person based on the data we've obtained.
We are professionals at obtaining and analysing data from these sources, and our service is what sets us apart from our competitors.
Using the information gleaned from these databases, we may go on to undertake follow-up investigations aimed at locating the individual via phone numbers and addresses.
A comprehensive research is at the heart of our debtor tracking service. It's not enough to merely rely on a database entry to prove residency. In order to ensure that we have the most up-to-date and correct information about a subject's location, we gather, cross-match, and link sources.

More and more organisations are tracking their own debtors and no longer relying on external trace agencies in the corporate tracing market, which has altered dramatically over the previous decade. Another factor is that trace companies were employing underhand practises to boost their success rates at the expense of providing clients with high-quality debtor tracing information. As a result, the reputation of trace companies was tainted and many businesses and councils stopped using them altogether. Debtor tracking is important now more than ever to our business clients.

Missing Debtor Finder

Customers, runaway tenants, service providers, and anyone who has received a court order requiring them to pay money that they owe when they don't, can turn to us for help. We take great pride in being able to trace debtors who have been missing for an extended reasonable length of time.

Do you require assistance in locating a debtor? You can rely on Intime Investigations UK to assist you recover your money. A large percentage of our clients' debtors are traced, and we personalise each trace enquiry to their specific needs.

The missing debtor who owes you money can suddenly vanish from your life. It's obvious that this may be a complete disaster despite the fact that you may have their phone numbers and email addresses, they have not responded to your attempts to reach them.

We know how upsetting it can be to feel like you'll never receive your money back in this situation. To help you trace your debtors, we offer tracing options. Tracing persons and recovering money is one of our most popular services at Intime Investigations.

How much does it cost to trace a debtor?

A typical cost to trace a debtors address would be £125.00 – £185.00 + VAT.

We would estimate that the tracing process would normally take 48hrs to complete thoroughly.

We offer this service on a no trace no fee basis, so if we can’t trace your debtor you wouldn’t incur any cost whatsoever.

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