Surveillance Investigator UK

Surveillance is a useful tool to gather evidence for a wide variety of circumstances to determine the activities of a person.

Our surveillance services are carried out by highly experienced surveillance operatives who are able to follow people and document the sequence of events for as long as the clients require. Our surveillance services are not only available throughout London, Essex, Kent but Nationwide and Internationally.

Our private investigators and detectives work along side our covert surveillance personnel.

Why choose our surveillance services?

Below is a list where surveillance could and should be required.

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How does it work?

We will need to know the subjects driving habits, we would require a recent photo of the subject places he or she might go, what vehicle the subject drives, where the subject works, where the subject is known to eat or drink, and any other information that might be useful to the surveillance operation.

Our job is to remain invisible to the subject and gather as much evidence and intelligence as possible and present it to the client on completion.

A majority of our cliental contact Intime Investigations with either personal domestic issues or corporate fraud and through our infidelity Investigations, we are able to assist our clients with peace and mind.

As a general rule- the more we know about the subject the easier it will be to anticipate what he or she might do.

Intime Investigations only use highly experienced surveillance operatives that have completed extensive training courses, all of our surveillance personnel attended and completed a BTEC level 4 from the London school of surveillance.

Recently in order to assist our surveillance teams, we have invested heavily in state of the art covert and overt video and audio surveillance equipment.

We operate a number of specially equipped surveillance vehicles, including vans, black cabs and motorcycles, these are particularly useful around towns such as London as there are so many bus lanes and parking permitted areas a normal vehicle would run the risk of loosing the target in traffic or the surveillance operation being compromised.

Another reason that we use black cabs and motorbikes for surveillance is that they blend in to the background and are always undetected by the target during the required surveillance period.