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The Information You Need - When You Need It

A Surveillance Investigator at Intime Investigations will provide a client with a professional surveillance and investigation service providing you with the evidence, information, and proof you need to build, support, or make a case.                   

Working closely with each customer to determine the goals and outcomes of every surveillance case we undertake; our private investigators are highly skilled in discretion and use the highest level of technology and equipment to monitor the target.

With Intime Investigations, no piece of information is left uncovered, and no movement is missed.                    

A Covert surveillance Investigator can help you to build evidence that will be able to prove matrimonial issues, employment issues, business security issues, and much more.

With our professional guidance, we can keep your company and lifestyle safe, and as such surveillance is becoming a popular service for businesses and individual that need evidence of wrongdoing.

Hiring a UK surveillance investigator can give you the peace of mind you deserve. Many problems in life could have a simple solution, this is where our many years of experience and knowledge become invaluable ensuring all clients receive cost effective surveillance solutions to solve the issues that they may have.

How our surveillance packages work?

If you decide that a private surveillance investigation is the way to go, our team will need as much background information as possible to achieve the results and gain the information you want. The more we know about the target, the easier it will be to anticipate their activity and gain the proof of activity that you need – so prior to each project we will ask about their habits, their daily activities, their lifestyle, and more.
The more you can tell us, the higher the chances of success for our surveillance team.

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Operating under the highest level of discretion

With our surveillance investigator agency, you can rest assured that discretion lies at the heart of every project we undertake. Whether you want us to uncover a cheating spouse, discover who is poaching clients from your business, uncover a fraudulent personal injury claim, or simply let you know where someone lives or works, our team are trained in being everywhere and nowhere at the same time – and providing 24 hour surveillance which is entirely untraceable.

We also know how difficult it can be to start a private investigation – and how challenging it can be to face the truth. That’s why we will only provide our results when we have concrete proof, inviting you to proceed in the way that you choose using the information we provide.

fullY confidential


Covert Surveillance

Our covert surveillance operatives will ensure that you are always aware of what is going on in your business. It makes sensible to enhance your security standards if you have recently experienced theft or damage to your assets and/or premises.


If you suspect wrongdoing at any level or for any reason, you should consider hiring a skilled investigator to handle the dirty work for you.

We employ a variety of tools, including bugs, taps, mobile vans, and even GPS, to follow and examine locations or people who you suspect are acting against your interests. Hiring a private investigator or detective is a risk-free procedure.

Our team operate on a nationwide basis – no job is too far, and no target is too remote for us to do our jobs. If you’re interested in discussing a surveillance investigation with our team, we invite you to get in touch and discuss your concerns with a discreet and cost effective consultation.

Considered to be one of the top surveillance investigator teams in the UK, our team remain faceless, and our favoured transport is the classic black cab or a standard motorbike. We have also recently invested in a series of hi-tech covert vehicles and operational tools to support our day to day surveillance activity.

Unmarked, these vehicles are designed to blend in and become part of the surroundings – whatever they may be.
After all, the mark of a good surveillance operator is that you never actually know who they are or what they look like… right?

UK Surveillance Experts

Our fully vetted and qualified team of experienced surveillance operatives have dealt with many challenging situations and scenarios in even the most complex of civil, criminal and domestic cases. We have a proven track record of results, you can rest assured you will be getting the best overt and covert surveillance services from a team of security professionals.

From our offices in London but able to operate fluently across Europe and worldwide, we specialise in finding out the truth and helping you find solutions to your problems.

Conducting a Surveillance Operation

What can you expect from this service?  How is a surveillance task conducted then? 

We never follow one process, we tailor our investigatory powers towards your needs. However, the general procedure is to follow and monitor the individual to see where they go, who they meet and speak too. Just seeing where a person goes at any time of the day can gather effective evidence, mobile surveillance can help prove this with the right investigatory powers and surveillance techniques.

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