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How do we provide Investigation services in Edinburgh?

Trusted, Professional & Confidential investigations. Intime Investigations are leading private investigation agency with ever increasing resources and expertise. Every client, big or small, is essential to us. You can reach Intime Investigations private investigator in Edinburgh by calling and requesting our extensive investigation services. Since our inception, our private investigator service has earned a good reputation for its ability to unearth valuable evidence in a wide range of cases, from surveillance, tracing people, process serving, infidelity investigations and child custody battles in individuals’ personal lives to sensitive background checks in corporations. 

Clients have confidence in us. Solicitors, insurance companies, and local councils all have access to the evidence gathered during an investigation, and Intime Investigations recognises this. This case’s outcome could be influenced by any of the parties involved in the review process. The name of the private investigator investigating agency you use will inevitably come to light, and the agency may be called upon to testify on your side in a legal proceeding. Among other private investigators, solicitors, and other industry experts, the agency is well recognised. 

We have a proven track record of delivering high-value results that have stood the test of time. 

Your case will be handled by a specialist private investigator in your area because we have agents in every region. We are convinced that our staff will be able to get to the bottom of your matter quickly thanks to their great knowledge of Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

Professional Private Investigators in Edinburgh

 It is Intime Investigations belief that our customers are eager to hear the truth. 

The time we spend with our clients during their free consultation is dedicated to listening to their worries and learning about the events that led to them having them in the first place. Clients in Edinburgh are guided through the process of deciding how to proceed based on this knowledge. As a client of Intime Investigations, you can rest assured that your investigation and the charges associated with it will be thoroughly explained to you. As always, we work hard to provide excellent service without breaking the bank. If you have a problem that we can’t solve, we can recommend you to one of our key partners at no additional cost.

For further information, please contact our Edinburgh office by phone at 0207 060 2907, or send us an email.

Why our Investigation Agency is the Best in Edinburgh

Knowledge and expertise are essential for the top private investigators. Those are the exact terms that describe our business. We take great pride in our remarkable reputation as a premier Edinburgh private investigation and detective agency, and we continually provide our clients a solid reason to refer us to their friends and family. 

In Edinburgh and throughout the UK, Intime Investigations is the go-to source for tracing people, process serving, background checks and surveillance solutions. Throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding counties, our highly trained investigators, process serving and surveillance teams are allocated tasks every day. All of our investigators are well-versed in the use of a variety of vehicles and have a keen sense of awareness of their surroundings. Only the most advanced still and video surveillance equipment is employed by our organisation. We can help in any situation with our concealed cameras, GPS tracking devices, and undercover operators. When it comes to getting the job done, we don’t draw attention to ourselves and stay out of sight. You’ve come to us because you’re having a problem. We may have found a solution. We help people discover the truth and regain their sense of well-being.

In Edinburgh, we work with legal firms, individuals, insurance companies and other organisations and corporations to deliver high-quality outcomes on time. Our company is devoted to you, the customer, and we take great satisfaction in our ability to get the job done. 

Private investigators, investigator specialists, and highly experienced colleagues from across the country work with us to provide a wide range of investigation services in Edinburgh and throughout the UK.

Expertise & Expertise in Problem Solving. 

As much as we enjoy providing individual service, we know you’ve hired us because you’re having trouble solving a problem on your own. To begin the investigation, an analytical method is used. A Edinburgh private investigator will review the data and the scenario in order to formulate a strategy. We’ll do everything we can to get to the bottom of any problem you’re having, whether it’s a personal injury case or a relationship problem. High-value outcomes are consistently delivered by our Edinburgh Private Investigators.

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