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Trace a Missing Freeholder

We are regularly instructed to conduct a freeholder trace and locate the owners of a specific property. An individual whose name appears on your lease or title deeds may need to be traced. In most cases, you’ll only have a copy of the land registry’s title or the last known owners name. With over 15 years of experience we have found that it is common for the title deeds to provide the same address for the owner as the address you know he doesn’t actually reside at. 

Many of our clients instruct us to trace a freeholder of derelict properties that they would like to renovate and resell. Because real estate is so expensive these days, it’s not uncommon for vacant to get a lot of interest. That’s why finding the owner and submitting your bid as quickly as possible should be one of your top priorities. 

Occasionally, we have clients whose properties are being harmed or devalued because of their neighbor’s unsightly property. Because this property is affecting their lives, they need to trace the owner or someone responsible for the property. 

We are sometimes contacted by leaseholders who need to get in touch with the freeholder about making modifications to the deeds or titles, or even selling the freehold entirely. The lease may be coming to an end, or structural work on the building is required and there’s no sign of a freeholder. 

Trace a Property Owner

For over 15 years, we’ve been tracing freeholders and property owners who have gone missing for whatever reason. With just a few basic details, we’ve been able to locate freeholders and owners using our tried and tested techniques. Names, previous addresses or phone numbers have all worked for us in the past to trace freeholders and property owners.

Property owners can be traced using Intime Investigations’ comprehensive trace/locate service in the United Kingdom and Europe as well as around the world. On many occasions, our private investigators and tracing agents have been able to trace people with very little information but we are pleased to assist in the more difficult cases when other investigators may be unable or reluctant to help.

Why Choose us to Trace Your Missing Freeholder

Our customers will always come first. For us, this means not only delivering excellent results, but also doing so in a way that is both safe and ethical. You can rely on us, and that means a lot to us.

Using various independent sources of tracing information, our skilled tracing agents will supply you with the subject's current address, which is assured to be a current location for the subject at the time of the report's generation. 60 days from the date of our billing, we guarantee that this trace agent information is valid or that the target has moved on within this period, and if we are unable to locate a new address, we will reimburse your payment in the very unlikely event that we are unable to locate a new location..

Lost Freeholder Finder

Our company was founded over 15 years ago, and since then, we've worked hard to earn the trust of our clients and the people they serve. are constantly aiming to work in an ethical and conscientious manner.

Tracing freeholders throughout the United Kingdom is the specialty of Intime Investigations. a UK Tracing specialist. A deep understanding of historical databases and investigative procedures, we are passionate about finding lost and missing freeholders, even when we have very little information to work with.

Our ability to gather information and present it in clear, concise reports allows us to make well-informed judgments rather than relying on educated guesses.
Our services are available to clients all over the country who expect nothing less than the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct, maintaining high standards to ensure that our processes, evidence, and results can be used in court if required.

How much does it cost to find a lost or missing freeholder?

A typical cost to trace a missing freeholders address  would cost in the region of £125.00 – £185.00 + VAT.

We would estimate that the tracing process would normally take 48hrs to complete thoroughly.

We offer this service on a no trace no fee basis, so if we can’t trace the missing freeholder you wouldn’t incur any cost whatsoever.

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