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About us – Intime Investigations are a UK based Private Detective Agency situated in the heart of London. The company was founded by an ex-fraud investigator, who made his career investigating high profile corporate frauds predominately in the UK.

Established in 1996, providing a, confidential, professional and discreet private investigation service.

Intime Investigations started off dealing mostly with tracking and tracing debtors, background checks and carrying covert surveillance for corporate clients, legal professionals and the general public.

Earlier this year we are invited to attend Absolute Radio for a live interview on the Christian O’Connell breakfast show taking about the Private Investigation sector – the slot on the show was adeptly named “Ask a Private Detective”

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Leon Hart, Intime Investigations principle investigator was recently asked to co-write an article for the World famous Wired magazine, on the subject of “How to Trace & Find Anyone” 

In this article he writes about the various methods of tracing and locating people in the United Kingdom

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Our sister company Trace Anyone UK are a people search agency dealing specifically with tracing debtors, searching for absconding tenants, finding family or friends, locating missing persons and tracking down judgement debtors.

Intime Investigations provide a 24/7, confidential, professional and discreet private investigation service to both corporate clients, legal professionals and the general public.

 Intime Investigations are often contacted by clients who are in a relationship and are concerned that their husband, wife or partner is cheating. We are sometimes contacted by concerned friends or relatives who have views what that believe to be suspicious behaviour and are acting to protect the person they care for. We also undertake background checks and partner verification services for private and corporate cliental. 

You may have recently met a new partner partner, or be considering taking the next step in a relationship. We can supply a variety of accurate information covering a partners present or past history so you know from the start they are indeed trustworthy and are indeed who they say they are. 

If you need an Investigation agency to serve Statutory demands, Writs of summons, Injunctions, Bankruptcy petitions or Witness subpoenas then our experienced network of trusted process servers and enquiry agents can serve your documents both in the UK and worldwide.

We offer a friendly, ethical, confidential and sympathetic approach to all the enquiries we receive. It is our objective to help you within your situation to the best of our abilities.

The comprehensive range of services Intime Investigations can provide include the following:

About Us – Nationwide Professional UK Private Investigators, We cover all sectors of Legal, Private or Commercial Investigations including tracing, court process document servers, surveillance and fraud investigation.

What can I Expect?

We offer a wealth of experience in all aspects of our enquiry agency work providing affordable, innovative solutions to sensitive and complex issues.

With Intime Investigations Surveillance Services, you get a private investigative service that is discreet, professional, and completely confidential. We’re an ICO-registered company with extensive experience in the military, law enforcement, and security sectors. This is why we provide such high-quality surveillance and investigative services. Only the finest have trained us, and we only work with the best.

At any time, our surveillance operatives are ready to deploy anywhere. Our personalised strategy gives real evidence that can’t be challenged, from images and videos to recognition and location monitoring.

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