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Private Investigator London are a unique team of Private Investigators who perform a wide variety of services which include but not limited to the following, Surveillance for corporate of private clients, Tracing and Finding People, Background Checks for pre-employment or private matters, fraud investigations for clients located in London or anywhere in the UK.

Private Investigator London have nationwide links with other experienced private investigators, with our HQ situated in the heart of London’s West end. Aside from being easy for our clients to find, this location gives us easy access to the whole of London and beyond, with the team equipped with the best vehicles and tools for responding to any brief or request. Whether you’re searching for support with a corporate investigation or something more personal to you, hiring a private investigator in London has never been easier.

Most clients don’t come to Private Investigator London with a concrete plan for their investigation, but rather with concerns or suspicions about the activity of someone they live with, someone they know well, someone they work with, or even simply someone they have come across. Our job is to take those suspicions and turn them into something evidenced and proven – and if your worries are proven to be unfounded, then the target is none the wiser and you can return to normal.

As one of the top Private Investigators in London, our work starts when you reach out and get in touch - inviting you to discuss your issue confidentially with a member of the team before you are asked for a full target description. Once we understand the purpose of the investigation, we will spend time talking through the ideal outcome for you, using our experience and knowledge to divulge and guide you in the best route to your intended or ideal outcome.

The London Private Investigation Agency you can rely on

Located in London’s West End, we understand that when things go wrong, you need a team that you can trust. From presenting you with clearcut information backed by evidence, to helping you uncover a wider plan of fraud or theft, whatever your investigatory needs, the Intime Investigations team in London operates discreetly and with purpose.

From there, it’s time to get out into the field and start work. Using a selection of discreet tactics, vehicles, and industry tools, we track and trace the target until we have all the information we need - providing you with regular updates as to the status of the investigation. Once complete, we compile a comprehensive report with the information you need presented in whichever format was agreed in the original consultation.

How to know if you need investigation services in London

If you have concerns or suspicions about someone you know of, in a corporate or personal capacity, then please feel free to get in touch with one of our London investigators to discuss the ideal next steps. Thanks to our discreet and trained team of private investigators, you can rest assured that the target will never know that they have been followed or investigated until you choose to tell them – meaning that even if you’re wrong and your suspicions are incorrect, the target is none the wiser.

For more information, get in touch with Private Investigator London today.

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Our Private Investigation Services will bring a prompt resolution to your case

Some of the investigations we have conducted for clients include:

• Corporate theft

• Identity fraud

• Cheating spouses and infidelity

• Fraudulent insurance claims

• Negligence

• Tracking children who are in the middle of a custody battle

• Finding missing persons

• Background checks

• Checking personal injury claims …and so much more.

If you’ve got something you need to get to the bottom of, no matter how big or small, our of professional local investigators are well placed to help.

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