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Due Diligence & Background Check & Verification Services

Our in-depth Background Check service combines both corporate fraud investigation experience with real private sector experience to reveal information that is not easy to find, our in depth due-diligence process combines both knowledge and accessibility to the relevant databases.

All transactions involve risk. However, the more you know going into a transaction, the more information you have to hedge risks and make better decisions.

Intime Investigations have worked with hundreds of companies while they have worked through the delicate process of evaluating target businesses and assets. The due diligence and background check process varies for different types of companies and sectors.

Background Checks may assist you with the following:

Other areas include: Intellectual property, real and personal property, insurance and liability coverage, debt instrument review, employee benefits, immigration, and international transactions. It also may include discovering known and unknown liabilities, review of civil litigation, and identifying and understanding the competitive issues that may attempt to disrupt or interrupt a transaction.

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