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Intime Investigations Ltd are a national, industry-leading private detective agency that holds an unparalleled reputation.
We pride ourselves on our reliability as well as our ability to provide a wide range of highly effective investigative solutions to a large number of clients.

We understand it can be difficult contacting a private detective to discuss personal matters, but please be assured that we deal with all calls professionally, with complete empathy, understanding and in the strictest of confidence.

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 We offer 15+ years of experience conducting complex, large-scale, international investigations providing clients custom solutions delivered in a timely,
professional and cost-effective manner.

If you would like more information or a FREE no obligation quotation on any of our private investigation services please complete the form below or call us and one of experienced agents or investigators will assist you with your enquiry in strict confidence.

We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 24 hrs.
Our Corporate headquarters are located in York Street, London, W1 which positions us centrally to service our customers on a national level, providing a complete private investigation service across the UK.

We provide a trusted and experienced team of professionals and their vast network of resources providing clients with the best service available anywhere in the UK. At the same time we have established connections to a range of databases and agents/operatives around the world, which has enabled us to become one of the only UK private investigation agencies to offer a truly global footprint.

In short, Intme Investigatioms is a company that you can truly rely upon – we will get you the results you need while staying within all relevant legislation.

We at Intime Investigations Ltd Ltd look forward to hearing from you.

Private Investigation Agency with Experience

There are many private detectives out there, from one man private investigators to large national private detective agencies.
Some things you may want to consider when choosing a private detective:
Does the private investigator guarantee confidentiality?
At Intime Investigations your privacy is our priority.
Contact a Private Detective and get a feel for their attitude.
Private detectives should offer good customer service too.

 Choosing the right Private Detective Agency

Need a private investigator or private detective? then choose Intime Investigations, your local private investigator agency providing full private detective services including surveillance, GPS vehicle tracking, tracing, background checks, counter surveillance -TSCM.

Whatever your needs, by choosing Intime Investigations you are assured a professional, confidential and discreet private detective service.


Our tracing agents are highly skilled debtor tracing analysts who combine decades of tracing knowledge with the most recent people and debtor tracing databases. With an average success rate of 98% for finding debtors, we lead where others follow.


Professional, discreet and affordable Surveillance and Investigation services anywhere in the UK.
Our discreet private investigators will tailor a bespoke package of observation and surveillance services providing you with the best outcome possible


ICO registered. Fully accredited fixed fee fee process service. Our process servers cover all of the UK and Wales, serving legal documents for solicitors, local authorities, government agencies, corporations and private clients for over 15 years.

London Private Investigator Agency

Our diversely experienced workforce includes former military personnel and trained civilians. This enables us to quickly access a wide range of skills, ensuring that the appropriate investigator is allocated to your case. Because of the sensitive nature of our work, we conduct all investigations in complete confidence and with the utmost commitment and expertise. Since its founding in 2009, we have garnered an impeccable reputation for excellence in the fields of forensics, security, and investigations around the world, among private individuals and businesses alike.

As a long-standing member of the World Association of Professional Investigators, the principal of Intime Investigations pledges to uphold professionalism, discretion, and confidentiality at all times. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients, as evidenced by the fact that we are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and compliant with the Data Protection Act. Additionally, Intime Investigations carries full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Background checks in the UK are frequently requested by individuals and businesses alike. Due diligence on possible employees, investigating debtors' financial histories, or compiling evidence for court could all necessitate a business or individual doing a background check.


Our people-finding services are available across the entire United Kingdom. Intime Investigations have the resources and expertise to track down a debtor or family member, a beneficiary, or an old friend anywhere in the UK or Worldwide even if past efforts to do so have failed.


Find A Debtor, Former Tenant, Former Employee, Family Member, Policyholder, Beneficiary, Witness, Defendant Or Claimant.
Our people tracing service offers a "no trace, no charge" guarantee, meaning that if we are unable to locate the person(s) in question, you don't pay.


We are UK based London Private Detective Agency providing the highest level of Investigations. Our expert investigators are highly trained ex military of the military who have learned to adapt to their environments without being noticed. Covert monitoring, as well as the specialised tactics necessary to complete assignments discreetly and within the remits of the law. When it comes to our clients, we always maintain the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Our private investigative services extend to both commercial and non-commercial clients. With the highest levels of professionalism in mind, we are ready to lend you a hand wherever you may be. To better serve our clients, we collaborate with other detective organisations to pool our respective strategic resources.


Finding an address by just a name is something we do best. With over 15 experience years finding and tracing people, we know where to look accurately, efficiently, legally and also discreetly.


If you need to trace someone in the UK, whether they are alive or dead, Intime Investigations can help. We can help you find a debtor, family member or someone you would like to get back in touch with.


We provide a fully comprehensive and discreet GPS vehicle tracking service working on behalf private and corporate clients located throughout London the UK and Worldwide.


Over 15 years of discreet & confidential expertise in fraud investigation matters. We provide fully comprehensive fraud investigation packages which is always carried out in a timely and professional manner. 
Our expert team of fraud investigators work alongside our private investigators  utilising  a full range of methodologies to investigate and identify fraudsters In addition to conducting a thorough assessment of our clients' business and financial infrastructure to detect gaps and potential risks, we also offer counselling and advise on how they might better defend themselves in the future from intrusions and thefts of this nature. To provide corporations, business leaders, politicians, and other public and high net worth figures with world-class private investigator fraud investigation  services, we have invested heavily in exceptional financial investigators and forensic accountants.

Intime Investigations are located in central London and has teams of agents and experienced fraud investigators located throughout the United Kingdom. Our reach also extends internationally through a network of trusted and competent partners who help us track down clues wherever they may lead.


Houses and businesses are becoming easier to bug as a result of covert surveillance devices becoming cheaper and cheaper. Our highly trained and experienced counter surveillance specialists will search for any recording devices, covert cameras or trackers.


Do you suspect your partner of cheating? Is something quite not right?
Get in contact with us today so we can get the truth and evidence of any wrongdoing.
We are here to help and put an end to your doubts and suspicions.

trace and serve

We provide an accurate, legally compliant and cost effective tracing and process serving service throughout the UK. Our process servers are strategically positioned throughout the UK and Worldwide to attempt service within 24hours.


If you require an experienced process serving agency who has the capacity to deliver court documents anywhere throughout the UK with 24hrs of instruction, look no further.
Over the past 15 years we have built up a large group of agents and process servers who are able to assist us when logistics could be an issue for some local process severs or enquiry agents.
All around the United Kingdom, we have local process servers standing by to make an effort at service within hours of receiving your request. When necessary, we offer two more follow-up appointments at no additional cost beyond the initial consultation. The process server will try to schedule a visit during a time when the defendant is more likely to be available.
You can count on Intime Investigations to provide a professional, cost effective and court compliant process service.
We are regularly requested to serve the following documents:


Trace Missing Beneficiaries. Tracing beneficiaries or missing heirs can be a frustrating process without access to the right data sources or experience. Intime Investigations have decades of experience tracing missing beneficiaries from family members, to court witnesses and debtors.


We specialise in tracing absentee freeholders. Trace a property owner with a reliable team of tracing agents. We have been tracing freeholders, landowners and property owners for over 15 years.
Our freeholder tracing experts are here to locate freeholders of a property.


Intime Investigations are able to find someones address with very limited information. Over the past 15 years have invested in the most comprehensive databases and resources which not only provides us
with accurate data but we are also able to find someones address cost effectively.


From the outset we will provide a fully comprehensive pricing structure for any of the Private Investigation services we are able to provide, giving our clients peace of mind that no unexpected costs will be incurred. We are a London Private Investigation services providing the highest level of private investigation services for private and corporate clients throughout the UK and Worldwide If you need a discreet and accredited private investigator get in contact with us today for a FREE no obligation consultation.

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