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Requiring a private investigator in Leicester indicates that you’re dealing with a personal or business issue that demands the expertise of a professional. Private investigators and detectives are available around the clock at Intime Investigations. Infidelity investigations, background checks, process serving, personnel verifications, surveillance and more are all areas in which our accredited private investigators have specialised expertise. If you have a problem, we can help you understand you’re legal options. In the event that you have concerns or queries regarding a scenario, our private investigators will do their best to assist you. Even if you only need one person, Intime Investigations are ready to assist you. 

Our investigations in Leicester are thorough and providing you with the information you need is our top priority. In order to get the information you need, you don’t have to wait for months or longer. It is imperative that we provide regular updates on our findings and reevaluate the plan as necessary in order to get the best potential results. 

Our duty is to uncover, collect, and organise all the facts and information necessary to show the truth in your particular scenario, regardless of whether you are dealing with a custody situation, divorce, runaway kid, unfaithful spouse, or mobile phone and computer forensics. 

You can’t entrust these sensitive inquiries to just any private investigator in Leicester. Intime Investigations are the team you need if you respect discretion and want to ensure that the job is done correctly. If you’re looking for answers, but don’t want your private investigator or you to draw attention to yourself, we’ve got the right people for the job! 

We know that when you engage a private investigator in Leicester, you want answers. We’ll keep all of your personal information private while we work to uncover the answers you’re looking for to help you better yourself. Throughout the investigation, we maintain a friendly, professional demeanour to ensure that the outcomes of our findings meet or exceed your expectations. You can rely on us to do everything in our power to assist you in finding the solutions you require in order to move forward with your life. 


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Intime Investigations private investigators are ex-law enforcement and ex-military professionals that know how to find and provide you with the evidence you require. Our team in Leicester has considerable experience in reporting tactics and investigative law, including litigation concerns, fraud investigation, infidelity investigations, and surveillance, as well as extensive experience in reporting strategies and investigative law.

Throughout the services we offer, we are here to help you and your situation. We are always available if you have any questions on how to begin. Your case can be reviewed by us and we can devise a strategy to help you achieve the answers you desire. It is impossible to find a private investigator firm in Leicester that devotes as much time and attention to detail as we do.

Our Private Investigators in Leicester
Use These Methods

In order to locate the solutions your looking for in Leicester, our knowledgeable staff will employ a variety of strategies. To learn more about the specifics of this case, we are able to conduct surveillance, speak with others who know the people involved, and collaborate with local law authorities. If you want to find out if your spouse is having an affair, we can provide you the answers you need in just a few days, allowing you to rest easy knowing you have the whole picture. You can count on us to bring you the answers you need, even though our work isn't always entertaining or easy to do. Our organisation in Leicester is accredited and insured, guaranteeing that you receive the results and answers you desire.

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