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Do you need to find someone's address?

How do we find someones address? Finding someone’s address can sometimes be relatively straight forward, occasionally there will be searches that are problematic, examples would be, limited information, out of date or fictitious information. 

Intime Investigations have access to a wide range of databases and tried a tested resources that can assist us in finding someones residential address . We’ll get to work as soon as you send us the information you have on the person. Due to our well-known reputation and experienced tracing team, we can usually find a debtors address, a long-lost acquaintance, family members address or someone that owes you money. 

Locating someone's address, where do you start? 


 If you’re looking for someone’s address you’ll have a better chance of finding the address if you know their approximate age, previous address, or who they live with.

An option would be to use Company House and search for any Directorships held.

Alternatively, you can provide us with their name, perhaps a previous address or an area they lived in, and we’ll do the legwork for you. In addition, if it’s possible, we can also obtain the person’s phone number or e-mail address.

Using address data from the electoral roll is used by many tracing agencies, but we utilise our own third-party tracing databases that are far more effective and accurate. With the use of these databases, one of our experts will directly supervise your search. We vow to keep the your identity confidential, and we’ll do everything we can to find the persons address for you.

How much does it cost to trace someones address?

A typical cost to trace someones address would be £125.00 – £185.00 + VAT.

We would estimate that the tracing process would normally take 48hrs to complete thoroughly.

We offer this service on a no trace no fee basis, so if we can’t trace the persons address you wouldn’t incur any cost whatsoever.

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