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Helping to Finding Missing People in London

When someone goes missing in London, it can be very easy to quickly see your search as a lost cause. From the broad extent of parkland to the open cityscape, residential streets, and endless alleys, nooks, and crannies, London is a goldmine of hiding spots – and tracing people in the city can seem impossible.

Here at Intime Investigations, our people tracing agency in London not only provides quick answers as to the location of your missing person, but can also help you to make contact, serve papers or debt collection documents, or bring back something that they have taken from you.
We’re here for you when they’re not – and we’re ready to help you find them.

Please call 0207 060 2907 to discuss your tracing requirements.

How to Find a Missing Person in London

Our investigation starts when we receive the project brief from you. During an initial consultation or conversation, we will ask for as much information as possible on the subject of your search and their links to you, as well as any information you can provide about who they know in London and the kinds of places that they frequent.

From there, our investigation will carry us through London as we track down and collect information on the movements of your missing person. Using our innovative and unique new investigative techniques, which include both online and offline tracing methods, we are able to trace a missing person across London and beyond if necessary – before employing our discreet team members to deliver messages or serve papers to the target.

How Do I Know When Someone is Considered a Missing Person?

Many of our clients come to us when someone who owes them something has gone missing – whether it be a tenant who has left without paying rent, a business partner who has disappeared with money taken from a company or business partnership, or simply a friend or family member who you are concerned about. No case is too small or too complex for our team, who engage a wide range of skills and resources - including our exclusive people tracing system - to trace missing people across the city and into the surrounding countryside. If you are concerned about someone or believe that they have disappeared while owing you money or services, there is no timeline we cannot work with. All of our services are conducted in the most cost effective way possible, providing every client with information and trace evidence of the location of their missing person within 48 hours (in most cases). And if we are unable to trace your missing person for whatever reason, we will not charge you a penny.

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How Much Does it Cost to Trace a Missing Person?

The cost of our services will depend on your brief and the exact location and timeline of the missing person, however our people tracing agency costs start at £155.00 + VAT. Please get in touch for a complete and more accurate quote.

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