Process Server Statutory Demand

Fixed Fee Statutory Demand Process Serving

Our team of professional and experienced Legal Process Servers are able to serve Statutory Demands throughout the UK. If you need a Certificate of Service in a Court-compliant format for a Statutory Demand served anywhere in the the UK, our legal process servers are here to help. The cost for service of a statutory demand will be carried out on a fixed fee basis. 

If you need legal assistance in serving a Statutory Demand, we will handle the entire process until complete. Don’t waste time using other options that can result in a lengthy process or disappointing results, you can count on us to serve your respondent in a timely and professional manner.

Our Statutory Demand Process Service includes all of the following: 

Fixed Fee with no hidden extras

Up to three attempts of service by a Local process server

Certificate of Service

No charge for printing up to 20 pages

First attendance within 48hrs

Statement of Service emailed and also sent in the post at no additional cost

Cost effective service of a Statutory Demand

Intime Investigations have been providing legal process service to the solicitors for over 15 years. There will be no delays in getting the information you need from our team of process servers. You may be rest assured knowing that your cases are in the hands of investigators that take great pleasure in their work and treat each case with the utmost respect. We’ve built our company from the ground up to manage multiple process serving tasks. All of your needs will be met with our knowledge, cutting-edge technology and excellent customer service from Intime Investigations.

For urgent legal document collection from your office, and service of a statutory demand call us today.

Why choose us to Serve a Statutory Demand?

The quality of our service has made us a go-to resource for law firms throughout the United Kingdom. Serving Statutory Demand court documents throughout the UK,

One of our skilled Process Servers may help you serve a Statutory Demand as well as a Court Order. We'll do everything you tell us to do promptly and thoroughly, and we'll do it all for a fixed fee cost!

Not all process servers are created equal, we take great pride in giving Immediate Confirmation to our clients when service is performed. Concise and accurate statements, certificates, or affidavits attesting to the completion of the statutory demand service are then provided as evidence.

We offer a nationwide service. our head office is in London from where we operate a nationwide network of process servers. Our legal process servers can collect documents from any court or office and arrange a first attempt of service on the same day.

What is process serving and when is it used?

As part of legal proceedings, such as property, bankruptcy, and many types of commercial disputes, a process server delivers court orders and other legal documents. A person who intends to sue another must notify them in advance of the proceedings. You can't just call or email them; they must be served in person and in a manner that can be verified.

Sometimes it's not as simple as it appears to serve someone with a Statutory Demand. Legal documents can be sent via regular mail in some cases, although this is not always the case. The location of the person to whom the Statutory Demand needs to be served must be confirmed. In many cases, the respondent will try to avoid being served with a Statutory Demand if they receive any kind of indication that they are about to be served. Process servers may need to be stealthy and persistent in order to guarantee that a defendant is properly served with the Statutory Demand because they may need to prove this later in court.

For a Process Server company like Intime Investigations, it can be quite challenging to get documents to persons who don't want to receive them or who dwell in remote locations. When it comes to delivering sensitive documents to difficult-to-reach recipients, we're the experts.

While Intime Investigations is actually a global corporation, with its network of partners and agents, we are professional choice when a process server is required anywhere throughout the United Kingdom. We've worked with solicitors, specialty law companies, corporate legal departments, and private individuals alike. All around the UK, we serve Statutory Demands and other legal documents. To help you trace and serve the person you need, we have teamed up with a specialist people tracing company and offer a highly competitive search, find, and serve service.

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