Computer and Mobile Phone Investigation & Forensics

Forensic Mobile Phone and PC Investigations

In the growing world of technology, private investigators and computer and mobile phone forensics specialists are able to use the forensic information found on computers and mobile phones as legal evidence which is admissible in court. Computer and mobile phone forensics has helped private investigators uncover some of the toughest legal cases in court.

At Intime Investigations we use the latest forensic software technology to produce computer forensic information that will benefit our clients.

Whether you are seeking forensic information for a matrimonial matter or seeking information to prove an employee is abusing their computers privileges, we are experienced and highly dedicated in finding what you require for your case. In today’s world, it is virtually unknown for someone not to own a computer or some type of digital device, unfortunately people do not realise all of the incriminating evidence they are storing in their computer or mobile phone. We will find this required information and investigate it to the fullest extent.

How to Gain Access to Computer Forensics

There are five steps of obtaining computer forensic evidence which are the following:

PC Computer Forensic and Mobile Phone Investigations

Intime Investigations understand the need for PC/ computer forensic and mobile phone investigations, hate emails, employee internet abuse, criminal cases, deception cases, and industrial espionage has unfortunately caused many people to seek some type of hard evidence to produce proof of such acts.

With competitive prices, you will be completely satisfied with our services.

Highly specialised in their field, our investigators will uncover every piece of mobile or PC forensic evidence you need. On many occasions, people have tried to delete their files, but our skilled PC forensic investigators can recover this information.

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