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Meeting someone new can often raise questions, especially when the person you encounter is not forthcoming with information about their past or their history. And while personal privacy is something we very much believe in, when it comes to starting a relationship with someone, looking into a new neighbour who is acting strangely, or considering hiring someone new for your business, performing a background check is part and parcel of keeping yourself safe.
Here at Intime Investigations, our background check investigator service in Essex sees our team of private investigators using a multitude of methods and touchpoints to uncover the truth about someone’s past – either as a standalone project or as part of a bigger investigation being launched by a potential employer or contact.

All of our clients benefit from full disclosure prior to starting the investigation project, with our team giving you full insight into the process and how the background check works before we get started. The results are then delivered in a full comprehensive report as per your requirements and needs.

Background Check Investigators: How it Works

A background check investigation involves looking into the professional and personal past of an individual, using a variety of different documents and reference points. Clients should note that some of these references cannot be obtained without the permission of the individual who is undergoing the check - and it is for this reason that so many job applications ask for any past criminal behaviour or legal strikes outright. If you do find that you need to dig deeper, our team can help but authorisation will have to be collected by the individual. If you are conducting a background check in Essex as part of a wider private investigation, for example for a private or personal need, then you can rest assured that our investigators are fully trained in exercising full discretion, with vehicles and techniques which can carry them around and across Essex without being recognised or spotted by the target. The process starts with a consultation, where we will discuss the motivation behind your investigation in order to understand the information you are looking for. We will then work with you to identify the facts we need to know about the target individual, before conducting the full background check and delivering the results to you in a comprehensive report.

*Please note: we do require consent from the person we are investigating to obtain some of the above.
Intime Investigations LTD are DPA Notified in the UK.
All instructions received and processed are conditional upon DPA Compliance.
All enquiries conducted on our behalf must be lawfully & ethically compliant.

Navigating the streets of Essex

Whether you are based in Essex, have offices in Essex, or are looking into someone who you know frequents or is based in Essex, navigating the blend of city and countryside means that our private investigators work hard to maintain discretion and provide a well-documented report at the end of the investigation.
We operate several vehicles and use a variety of investigative techniques in order to establish the best methods for each individual project, approaching each with a new set of rules and a new style of working. Each client project receives our full attention, and we are proud to be working for the safety of individuals, families, and businesses across Essex.

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