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Whether you’re hiring someone or inviting someone new into your family, trust can be a difficult thing to award – especially in modern society where the past can be so easily hidden or disguised. Our background check service in London offers clients an end-to-end support service, not only checking the professional experience of an individual but diving into the facts and stand out experiences from their personal life too.

We understand that keeping yourself safe in one of the UK’s busiest cities is important, whether it be for the sake of you and your family, or your business. That’s why we’re here to help with whatever you need.

Our London Background Check Service

All of our background check investigators are trained private investigators, ensuring that the service is conducted in a non-invasive and discreet way for both the target individual and the client. For many of our clients, a background check forms the foundations for a full private investigation, giving us all the information that we need to ensure that the person you are dealing with, looking at hiring, or inviting into your personal life is trustworthy and reliable. Alternatively, a background check can be a quick and easy process through which we help you to ascertain the suitability of a specific individual or candidate for a job they are undertaking, or to clear up the otherwise uncertain motivation of an individual seeking engagement in your personal life. Whatever your motivation or end goal, you can rest assured that this service is here to keep you safe across the busy city of London - where past lives can easily be concealed and where even those with the most outlandish pasts can hide in plain sight.

*Please note: we do require consent from the person we are investigating to obtain some of the above.
Intime Investigations LTD are DPA Notified in the UK.
All instructions received and processed are conditional upon DPA Compliance.
All enquiries conducted on our behalf must be lawfully & ethically compliant.

Take Your Investigation To The Next Step with Intime Investigations

Prior to engaging the services of our background check private investigators, we encourage you to read the below fine print to understand exactly what the process involves.

The first thing to understand about background research is that some of the primary details we look to uncover will require the authorisation of the target to access. For most job applications and professional projects, the application itself will include a waiver for any information such as criminal activity to be accessed – however it is worth noting that permission will need to be gained to access these details for both private and corporate investigations.
If you want to engage our services and hire one of our background check investigators in London, we will require as much information as you can provide about the target, their personal information, lifestyle and other related information which will give us enough to provide a comprehensive report on their past and enable us to ensure full coverage during the set investigation period. The more you can tell us about the individual, the better our chances of ensuring that you receive all the information you need to determine their suitability for a job role or a place in your life.

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