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Essex may offer a blend of cityscapes and countryside landscapes ideal for covert movement, but when our surveillance investigator agency are on the case, no target is too far away or too well hidden to seek out. With a specialist team operating in and around Essex, we offer a full package service to all residents across the entire county and beyond.

Some of the most common projects we work on include uncovering a cheating spouse, exposing a fraudulent personal injury claim, discovering who is poaching your business clients or simply finding out where someone lives and works. However, if your project or requirement doesn’t fit into those categories then don’t worry – no job is too big or small for our surveillance investigator agency in Essex.

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How a surveillance investigator works?

Our surveillance investigators work closely with our detectives and operatives to gain a thorough and well-rounded understanding of the movements of the proposed target and their activities. We then employ both traditional techniques and hi-tech innovation to capture the information that you need (and more), leaving us able to deliver a full report upon completion of our investigation.

As a nationwide surveillance company, we understand how challenging it can be to be confronted with the reality of your concerns, and so every report is thoroughly researched and checked before being presented to you. You can also rest assured that every member of our team is well trained in discretion, both on the ground and in reporting our results – meaning that they will always remain faceless and unidentified by the target.


Navigating surveillance in Essex

As a hybrid county of town centres, villages, and countryside, our surveillance investigators in Essex are well versed in jumping from on-foot surveillance to black cabs, motorbikes, and public transport. Considered to be one of the top surveillance investigator teams in Essex, we have also recently invested in a series of hi-tech covert vehicles and operational tools to support our day to day surveillance activity. Unmarked, these vehicles are designed to blend in and become part of the surroundings – whatever those surroundings may be.

To make our jobs easier, we ask that you provide as much information as possible about the target – from locations they regularly visit to their habits and hobbies, lifestyle, preferred foods and dining locations, and their workplace. This enables us to blend into and become part of the background of their life, allowing us to remain faceless while collecting the information we need.
Once we have built up a comprehensive idea of the target, we can provide a cost effective and detailed surveillance package which seeks to answer the questions you present at your consultation and provides as much proof as required to let you take the next steps you choose to take.

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