Security Consultancy Service

Security Consultation and Penetration Testing

Do you need a Security Consultation? As your company grows and expands so does your need for security, and that is when it is time to call in a security consultant to identify the solution to your needs. Whether you already have security or not, your security needs are sure to change as your business expands or changes

If you do not use a security consultant service you may be leaving security gaps exposed.

Your whole business needs to be secured and this could possibly involve more than considering alarm systems and locks. A thorough security evaluation needs to be performed on the business premises to make sure that all security measures are in place for total protection.

As professional security consultants we know exactly what needs to be looked at to identify any gaps in security and we also know some of the most cost-effective solutions possible.

Intime Investigations can evaluate your security requirements and eliminate them entirely.

What to do next?

One of the first things we will do is carry out a physical survey of the site. This action alone will show us the most important security gaps and then we can make suggestions based on the survey.

We will let you know what security measures should be implemented. One of the most cost-effective things you can do is get your security examined by one of our security consultants, the money you spend now on a professional security evaluation will save you a lot of money in potential claims down the road.

Some of the services we provide include:

Our security consultant service will give you the confidence you need to run your business securely. Reduce your liabilities with a consultation today to make sure that you are protected tomorrow.

Commercial Protection

Observe, document, report, rectify and improve the security in your business.

Contact us for an inspection of your premises, interview of your staff, to check your present security measures and an investigation of your actual problems. This will be followed by a documented report on how secure or insecure your business is, with recommendation and assistance in implementing better security in order to prevent future losses.

fullY confidential


Household Protection

A safe house means a safe family

Do you worry about burglaries and house invasion in your neighbourhood?

Do you want to have peace of mind when you travel with your family and the house is empty and could become a target for burglars?

Do you need even more peace of mind when you travel alone and leave your family at home as potential target for a home invasion?

Do you want to eliminate all the weak points of forced entry into your home?

Do you want to feel totally secure in your house at any time of day and night?

Contact us for a full documented report on how to make your home and family secure. In addition, we shall suggest a professional that can assist you with implementing the new security measures.

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