Why Hire a Private Investigator

Why Hire a Private Investigator or Detective to Investigate a Cheating Partner?

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A Private Investigator or Private Detective will investigate a cheating partner and supply evidence of the infidelity in the relationship.

Is it devious to find out the truth behind the cheating partners back?

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We ask “Why would you need a Private Investigator?”

If there are signs of a cheating partner or you know for definite there is another person in the relationship, why not just quit the relationship and start again?

Is it ethical to employ a Private Investigator if you suspect your partner is being unfaithful?

I would personally and professionally say yes to employing a private investigator if someone suspects their partner is cheating, until you are are in that particular situation with nowhere else to turn to (who can you speak to about this? – especially men, as a large percentage of women will share their problems with friends where as males would be more reluctant in these situations, possibly down to male bravado.

Why would it benefit someone to employ a company like Intime Investigations to check on there partners activities?

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This would seem the easiest option but for most people if there isn’t actual evidence and not just a suspicion or a confession, there would always be a doubt of whether or not the signs were true or not – did I finish a relationship for no reason.

This is a question I obviously hear on a daily basis from the budget conscious clients, costs would always be dependent on how and what resources Intime Investigations require to obtain the evidence required to prove the infidelity.

Sometimes it may take a few hours covert surveillance or monitoring to capture or document the partners wrong-doing, the more information you can give us about the cheating spouses activities on an average week the better. 

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Intime Investigations has a wide range of resources and investigative techniques to catch a cheating spouse, we completely understand that calling a private investigator or detective may be the first time you you have confronted or even talked to someone about your current situation. If you feel you need to find out the truth in your relationship their are a variety of ways in which you can contact us: Telephone: 0207 060 2907 - Mobile: 07949 061144 Email: info@intimeinvestigations.com