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Essex No Trace No Fee Tracing Services

We have been supplying Essex with No Trace No Fee Tracing service for over 15 years so whether you need us to trace someone who is a missing friend or a loved one, to track down an acquaintance who has faded into the background, or to recover stolen funds or goods from a corporate supplier or contact, our track and trace system has proved time and time again that a blended approach is best. And that’s exactly what we do – utilising modern technology and traditional tools to locate, identify, and bring missing people back into the spotlight

But what happens when we can’t achieve the results you need? That’s where our no trace no fee services come in, only charging you when we are successful in our search and can bring you the desired resolution for your case.

What to expect from our no trace no fee tracing service?

When you come to Intime Investigations, we will immediately work with you to ascertain who the target is, what the reason is for you bring the case to our attention, and what you desired outcome is. Operating under the upmost discretion, we understand that when someone is missing or cannot be found, for whatever reason, it can be a stressful and costly time for the person trying to find them. That’s why, under our no trace no fee service, we pledge to help you – and only charge when the case is over, and the trace was successful.

All we need in order to open a no trace no fee case is the target’s full name, date of birth, and their address from at least within the last 5 years. If you can’t provide all of this information then you will be charged a fixed fee regardless of the outcome, so be sure to do your homework before you bring the case to us.

How do you instruct us us to trace someone?

Instructing us to trace somebody on a no trace no fee basis couldn’t be simpler.. Emailing us the information you have available in the strictest of confidence, we will prove cost effective method of locating the person on any trace no fee basis. Then once we have successfully located the person the results of our trace will then be delivered to you via a comprehensive report and consultation, detailing how we found the target and outlining how we can support you with the next steps of your journey to resolution.

For information on how to engage the services of our no trace no fee agents in Essex, please get in touch or keep reading to uncover our FAQs for investigations in Essex and beyond.

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Please note that all no trace no fee services are restricted to the UK only. 

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